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Originally Posted by Gerrard View Post
One of the highest rates of cancer in the country because of all the refineries.

Is this some Jersey myth you heard from your neighbors who drove through on the turnpike? because I went to wikipedia, google, and and found nothing except:

Newark black men had age-adjusted cancer rates comparable to those of Washington, D. C., but lower than the other three American city blacks. Rates for Newark black women were generally similar to other American black women. American blacks, like those of Newark, had cancer rates higher than the African blacks in three out of four countries studied. Only blacks of Rhodesia had cancer experience like that of American blacks. Except for cancer of the cervix, the African blacks had generally lower rates compared to the American blacks for the ten sites investigated. However, high rates did occur for certain sites, e.g., esophagus and bladder cancers in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Newark blacks also had higher rates for certain sites (prostate, lung, breast and cervix) compared to Washington, D. C., and certain other U. S. cities. Thus, the total risk of malignancies to develop among Newark blacks was no greater than that expected, based upon the four U. S. cities' experience.
Which bascially means the cancer rates in Newark are about normal. This is from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. This was a national and international comparison so I guess the 3 cities they didnt mention are in the U.S. and Africa.
New Jersey is smaller then Massachusetts but it has more people.
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