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Phoenix's FAA height limits are not really THAT low. Areas of western downtown bordering 7th Ave allow up to 650' and most of the Central Downtown area North of Van Buren allow from 500 to 550' (such as where Rastegar is possibly going). This gives us the potential to build a Vancouver'ish skyline which would be fantastic. Midtown does allow for a much greater height, but I will keep the focus on downtown for now.

It's worth noting developers are starting to challenge the current zoning height limits (Astra, Garfield and Thunderbird) which could possibly result in height zoning modifications eventually. Will this result in 200' greater height limits? No, but I could see an increase of 30' to 50' across the board and already we can build taller than San Diego which is considered one of the better looking skylines in the country. So it's not always about super height and I am fairly happy with where we are and what's coming. No, we won't get a supertall any time soon, but I am all for a couple of 500+ footers and I think we may even see a 600 footer in the next 5 years if this trend continues.

Actually, what I think we could be heading for is a Vancouver look for Downtown and an Atlanta look for Midtown. Now that would be some skyline!
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