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Sopas_ej, I like your idea for a before/after photo of Park La Brea.
My next project is to post before/after photographs of Sunset Blvd.

Years ago, I lived just south of Sunset on Hancock between Santa Monica & Holloway.
There were a trio of bungalows and I lived in the back half of the first bungalow (see below).


Above: This is a view north from Santa Monica Blvd., you can barely make out the three bungalows
behind the construction site and in FRONT of the larger apartment building. There is a square construction
trailer to the right of the 3 bungalows (ignore this).

I have no idea what this construction project is. I'm just amazed the three bungalows are still there. Out of sight, and to north of that apartment building are another six bungalows owned by the same lumber yard. I certainly hope they are still there. They were a classic example of 'Day of the Locust' architecture. Also, there was a red brick fire house on the opposite side (east side) of Hancock.
And directly across the street from my bungalow was the 'Golden Mermaid' apartment building (1950s).

If any of you are in this area I'd love to see some photographs.

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