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Heading back downhill, continue along the 63 into town at the edge of the Geiranger fjord. There would likely be many other tourists around you with some big boats offshore. Past the town, the Eagle Road goes up a number of hairpin bends for this postcard shot.

Parking for the viewpoint here is more scarce but the reward is worth the wait.

With the summer midnight sun, we comfortably continued past Geiranger to 1 more major attraction in the area, Trollstigen. This road across the mountains was opened by King Haakon VII in 1936 with 11 hairpin turns. If coming from the south, you will start at the maximum elevation of 858m above sea level and descend down.

The tourist infrastructure is well developed with a large parking lot and paths leading to the viewpoint platform.

Despite what they look like from above, it is quite easy to drive this road and there is enough space for cars to pass each other.

More photos from my road trip here :
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