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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
^ as someone who lives on the street i can highly confirm we are living the dream. it's like night and day. no noise, no schmutz in the windows. it's absolute peace and quiet on a major through street, who would have imagined?

i cannot wait for the boarding improvements, signage and this crackdown on the straggler cars.

much to my surprise i believe those midtown cross streets are next up for busway conversions (i would have guessed easier uptown cross streets like 110th or 116th would be next).

as for the midtown construction sheds, they certainly are a nuisance and often a menace for pedestrians and worse than ever. however, in their slight defense i do notice actual work on most of those sites these days as compared to the past when there would be nothing doing for like years.
Yeah the sheds with construction versus no construction seemed like about 50/50. Some buildings were even sporting nicer white sheds with lighting. Just the sheer number of them overall is jarring coming from Chicago where they are only utilized during actual work and removed swiftly when done.

They just bottleneck walkers something fierce which is not great in midtown where pedestrian volume is high and a lot of sidewalks not especially wide except on the avenues.
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