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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
LOL, ny should be compared with Paris, London, HK, Tokyo, not SF, Miami, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, etc. All of those alpha + cities have a decent one seat ride and ny has the airtrain.. it's a big embarrassment that a city with the global clout of a NY, a prime city of the world along with London and Tokyo, (America's face to the world) never ponied up for a proper rail link and went with half measures (air train).
A "one seat ride" very much depends on your destination. Odds are lots of people will have to use another form of local transit to reach their final destination.

JFK AirTrain isn't inherently bad IMO its just implemented poorly like so much else here. The subway transfers blow, the fare purchasing/collection is a nightmare, and the PA reduces frequency outside of what they consider rush on an automated system because reasons.
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