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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
That's just nuts. And they keep coming!
1st phase of the Midtown rezoning was approved today. Expect more to come. While the luxury market is strong, what the city needs is more class-a space. I see the trend in supertalls morphing from skinny to very bulky. From primarily residential to multi-use, composed mostly of office, with hotel mixed in and some nice retail at the base.

I see 1 Vanderbilt essentially as being the granddaddy which will start the supertall boom in Midtown East. Just as One57 was the granddaddy who began the 57th Street revolution.

With supertalls in Lower Manhattan, the success of the WTC complex, and the shift in the market to include much more media and tech will provide ample opportunities for developers to reach for the skies. But lets not forget Brooklyn. A lot of financing companies are moving their operations to DoBro and even LIC. Two nodes which can support a future supertall boom.

This is all assuming the economy for the city, and the world is okay. It could all come crashing down. That's the double-edge sword we play with. While NYC is in a position to weather a big crash, it will still mess it up in terms of projects. So I say take the boom as a gift, and be cautiously optimistic about the future.

But for now....

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