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The 57th St canyon will be insane! So far we have (confirmed):

1. 217 West 57th Street, 1,795ft (547m), [roof 1,530ft / 466m] aka Nordstrom, U/C
2. 111 West 57th Street, 1,428ft (435m) aka Steinway, almost U/C
3. 432 Park Avenue, 1,397ft (426m) T/O
4. 1 Park Lane, 1,210ft (369m) APP
5. 53W53, 1,050ft (320m) aka Verre, U/C
6. One57, 1,005ft (306m), COM
7. 220 Central Park South, 950ft (290m), U/C
8. 425 Park Avenue, 893ft (272m) APP
9. 520 Park Avenue, 781ft (238m), U/C
10. 250 East 57th Street, 715ft (218m), U/C

And there are many other sites like Solow, Shvo, 31W57th, 237 Park etc..
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