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From today's

This mostly healthy ramble rambles on, down Sansom Street past the new Melograno, the old comic book store, and the Day by Day. Here we are at Sansom's Center City finish line and the Prequel Phase 1 of Mandeville Place. The makeover of the former Rosenbluth Building has taken a top-down approach and is close enough to completion that one can envision the end result:

It's not great, not bad, and it lets in a lot more light than it used to with those new windows. I think we can agree, though, that it'd look a lot better as the podium to a 43 story Richard Meier rising from that parking lot and a green-lined rooftop restaurant looking over Walnut Street.

* * *

Down on the Schuylkill River Trail, or Schuylkill Banks, or Center City Hike-Bike Path, or John F Street Byway of Integrity -- call it what you will -- future stages are beginning to take shape. At the current southern terminus, the circle at Locust Street, big signs with renderings and descriptions have been installed, and within plain sight of the South Street Bridge's progress, including the clearing of the banks that will eventually see the extension of the trail. And seen above, the new stairway at the JFK Boulevard bridge is coming into view.

The bridge itself has gotten a makeover too, with a new deck, paint job and concrete sealant:

* * *

The John F Street Byway of Integrity seems like an appropriate place to be mostly healthy, so we're gonna finish this mostly healthy stroll here among the mostly healthy joggers, cyclists, bladers, dog walkers and lovers. This Philly Skyline Philly Skyline was a popular one during Comcast Center's construction, and as nearly as I can tell, we haven't checked in here since that building opened. So here we are, mid-spring, after the blossoms and into the green, but before the rain's through with us.

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