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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
If I understand Nexus' list correctly, you'd also need to add the South Bend streetcar (10,000 daily riders), the Metra extension to Rockford (20,000 daily), and the new Racine subway (40,000). What's that, you say? None of those are actually proposed and I'm just making up the ridership? Correct.

I'm all for transit fantasies, but let's keep them separate from questions about reality.
There all proposed , or under Construction so its not fantasy per say......Its more future outlook , there's nothing wrong with my numbers either. My DC-Maryland-NOVA-Delaware ideas are pure fantasy and really crazy , but the NYC regional lines that you see about are from NJT/MNRR or state , same with the numbers. So I basically just copied the list , some of it is from the Various Rail groups which work with the state or agency and have gotten lines built.
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