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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
How do other members feel about the size of these panoramas? I'm aiming for a maximum of 4000px wide because I feel it gives a good trade-off between image detail and loading time.

Panoramic view of the Huntington residence and San Marino ranch, circa 1915.
NB. I grayscaled this one before reapplying the sepia tone. Hopefully it's more even now.

Huntington Digital Library
HossC: superb job! Loading time is a relative term. Whether it is regular maintenance, a change in the weather, or server-low battery level, this site and other repositories seem to have their "moments" of slow or non-existent loading. "Here tell" that things will improve. Consequently, speaking only for myself, I would vote for the highest resolution available from the source. Obviously, each of has our own "smart phone" limitations.

Another view of the Huntington cottage, now with a library, which some sources suggest was constructed post 1920. In this instance, "the" source, Huntington, provides date, circa 1918.

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