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There's the 1925 Karnak Apartments at 5617 La Mirada Avenue and the 1926 Ahmed Apartments at 5616 Lexington Avenue. The architect of both was J M (John Manley) Close, who also designed the 1930 Amasis Apartments at 747 Wilcox Avenue (the only one of the three to retain most of its original external features). Moving away from Hollywood, another of Close's Egyptian creations is the 1928 Osiris Apartments at 430 S Union Avenue in the Westlake neighborhood.
Of course the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the early 1920s led to a brief worldwide mania in Egyptian fashion, architecture, etc. These apartments were a result. Syd Grauman's Egyptian theater another. Probably the Mummy film in 1932 was another. When the treasures of King Tut came to America in 1978, there was another brief revival of Egytophilia. Remember Steve Martin on SNL singing King Tut?

In the '20s the supposed "curse of King Tut" was also widely talked about, how many of the people who unearthed the tomb died early. Lord Carnarvan who financed Carter's discovery dig died of an infection from a mosquito bite after visiting the newly opened tomb, etc. I guess the sinister Mummy film was a result.

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