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Flyingwedge covered some of A. C. Martin's Egyptian themed apartments some years back.

Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post
We've seen a few of his buildings before.

er showed us 1205 N. Mariposa (1925):

Mr. Swink showed us the Ahmed Apartments at 5616 Lexington (1926):

We've also seen the Karnak Apartments at 5617 La Mirada (1925) and 747 N. Wilcox:

Here's the Sahara Apts (1924) at 1020 S. Kingsley Drive:


Across the street at 1017 S. Kingsley is the Rose Apartments (1925):


The Amen-Ra at 542 N. Alexandria was built in 1925:

September 15, 1925 LA Times

October 25, 1925 LA Times

542 N. Alexandria has lost some of its ornamentation:


A C. Martin also built the Osiris at 430 S. Union . . .

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