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Τhe patent achieves the following

1)The consolidation of the nodes of highest level of the walls with the ground, using the mechanism of the invention, deflects the upward tensions created by the wall overturning torque transporting them freely and directly from the roof into the ground and in this way stops the displacements responsible for all growing tensions on the body of the bearing elements which they cause inelastic bending deformations and failures in a major earthquake.
2 ) Also the mechanism and method of anchoring provides very strong foundation in soft soils
3)The wall receives only compressive stresses at both ends a) at the upper end b) and the facing lower end near the base. Does not exist anymore tensile strength. This means that there are no longer torques in the nodes Does not exist anymore mechanism of concentric forces failure The floor mechanism (soft floor) does not exist anymore
4) Does not exist anymore coordination because the whole construction is shifted with the same frequency and the same oscillation amplitude
5) The wall also receives horizontal shear forces. Apply tension at all edges of the wall with the patent mechanism increases the ability to horizontal shear forces.

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