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The most rapid acceleration in this experiment is
1) In 60 seconds covered 52,80 meters.
2 ) Width 22 cm ... reciprocation .
3 ) In one minute made 240 runs of 22 cm
4 ) The width of the regression went through the 22 cm in 0.25 of a second .
maximum velocity of shaking at the base was 52,80/60 (= 0.86 meters per second)
the exciting time period was 0.25 sec
The exciting frequency which i assume , on the basis of provided data, is 4 Hz.
I do not know how much (g) is the acceleration.
Can you tell me how much (g) is ;
In this video
from 2.45 minutes to 2.50 minutes ( in 5 seconds) I counted 20 times x 22 cm .
I forgot to tell you that the base goes up and down 8 cm

Does this also move the same time.
This Artisans earthquake is strong for a small model , ... yes or no ;

Other technical features .

Concrete .. consists of four parts sand and one part cement . (Not gravel )
the quality of the concrete can not be matched to known C16/20
The width of the base is regression 22cm
Regression from 108 up to 216 strokes per minute of 22 cm
Model Dimensions Width 1.1 x Depth 1.1 x Height 1.3 m
Plates 4 cm width
Walls 4 cm thickness
By raft 5 cm thickness
SCALE 1 to 7 in actual size area of 64 sq.m per floor .
Weight 1300 kg
Double steel mesh everywhere diameter 1,5 mm, steel mesh eyes , 5 x 5 cm
Tendons 5 mm diameter wrapped in five layers of duct tape to prevent the connection of concrete - steel
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