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In this video there are two different models .
Once the video begins , we see the first model is brick to fail immediately .
Observe, the vertical axis at the corners ,
to swing right and left.
This displacement of the vertical axis of the corners , causes the lintels to go upward.
There is the weight of the structure , which contrasts with the rise that has the lintel .
The weight overcomes the lintel , who tries to go over , and see why we fail ( crack)

In the same video , the first minute,
we see a compact rigid structure much more powerful than the bricks .
As rigid and strong that it reacts differently.
The nodes stand , but the house slid onto the seismic base.
But if the width regression was bigger ,
and home, high-rise , the big moment will bring overthrow
That would react like this model in my experiment .
Now if the model had small columns , and several floors , would break the nodes as broke the first experiment of Bricklaying . (For the same exact reason)
If all samples were anchored to the roof with the ground, any of the above models would not fail .

The models anchored react so
If what I said does not show the true
then what else to tell you ...
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