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Originally Posted by llamaorama View Post
I assume San Francisco would be just fine in the long run. The tech boom was making the city dysfunctional.
Restrictive zoning was/is making the entire Bay Area dysfunctional

It's such a spectacular place, while some tech bros who never really wanted to live there in the first place but were lured by the money will flee, there are probably a lot more people in other places who would totally relocate to the Bay Area if they could afford it.
That would negate the effects of the tech bros leaving. Agreed SF is pretty spectacular.

My concern would be whether local governments have gotten too accustomed to a certain level of tax revenue. A sudden exodus would cripple the budget.
That's almost a certainty. No one really runs on cutting spending, just cutting taxes.

Those homeless programs would be much more affordable if there was a glut of vacant apartments that the city could pay bottom dollar towards rent vouchers for.
Turning entire neighborhoods into warehouses for the most destitute will have externalities that go beyond the cost of securing housing, on a social as well as fiscal level.
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