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Originally Posted by jens View Post
Hk do you think it’s accurate to say people are fighting for their freedom, for the most part?

The only thing really on their side is that, ultimately, tyranny cannot win against the people. There is a small possibility that these protests will start something bigger in China. A small possibility.

By the way, I am scheduled to go to HK in about 3 weeks but it is very likely we will cancel.
Yes the general message is they feel China is violating the One Country Two Systems principle and the anti-extradition law was just another example (of many), trying to neutralize HK's rule of law by extending its opaque legal system.

Meanwhile, the information firewall is alive and well so much of the news on the Chinese side of the border portrays the protests as violent riots for independence, which is far from what is happening on the ground.

From a sightseeing perspective, there isn't much impact. Protesters target police stations as they have been condemned for excessive brutality. Not a single shop has been looted. The protests are primarily on weekends while everyone goes back to work Mon-Fri.
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