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Following the murder of a Hong Kong tourist in Taiwan by her boyfriend in February 2018, the government proposed an extradition law for fugitives in cases where there is no extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

While the government claimed the intention was to plug a loophole and to prevent criminals from hiding in the city to escape justice, there were significant concerns from the community on whether residents could be sent back to China, where the legal system is opaque and a fair trial cannot be guaranteed. There were also worries that political dissidents could no longer be safe living in Hong Kong, and that freedom of speech will be eroded.

For a second Sunday in a row, on June 16, massive protests broke out to scrap the bill. The atmosphere was tense following violent clashes the Wednesday before, and there was anger at the police for using excessive force. Organizers claimed almost 2 million people took part in the protests, which forced the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, to issue an apology.

Protesters poured to Hong Kong Island on the trains, wearing black.

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