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Originally Posted by KoolKool View Post
hey Vellu do you planning on to get others contribute their work to the Map too like we get to have a block in the map and get our work done in that block then we submit it to you and you can put in on your final product. because i would love to get some office tower in that map.

and btw you use render on your sketchup right ? which program for rendering ?
Well, I'm going to keep this mostly to myself to keep it consistent looking and feeling Finnish. But you gave me an idea to arrange some design competitions for some future redevelopment areas (as I myself am not very good in designing 21st century buildings), although there won't be many of them available in the city center and there will some restrictions for example height restrictions. I already have in mind the new Bus Terminal tower, but that will be on section 3, so it will take time before I get there.

I'm using Twilight Render.

Here's another one of the large office buildings constructed in Halvoo in the 1970's. Kirkkokatu 96 was completed in 1976 and the taller middle section is 57 meters tall. One block south are the only remaining original low rise wooden buildings constructed in late 19th century in west side of Halvoonniemi cape. In the 19th century they were cheap apartments for poor factory workers, but today they are very sought after and expensive. Population density is today considerably lower, though.

Section002_pic20 by Vellu04, on Flickr

Street-level view of the Tehdastyöläisen kortteli ("Factory workers block").

Section002_pic21 by Vellu04, on Flickr
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