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Thanks, Spidey. Cirrus Hotel Satamatorni is 77 meters tall.

Galleriakeskus ("Gallery Center") was one of the big redevelopment projects of 1960's. It contains galleries, shops and restaurants in the low-rise portion and two office towers. The taller tower was completed in 1967. It is 125 meters tall and was the tallest building in Halvoo from 1967 to 1988. It's still the fourth tallest. Upper half of the tower was converted to expensive apartments in 2014.

Section002_pic09 by Vellu04, on Flickr

A view from the Market Square.

Section002_pic10 by Vellu04, on Flickr

A view from Satamaradan puisto park.

Section002_pic11 by Vellu04, on Flickr
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