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I know i'm new to this forum, (i have no idea why i hadn't stumbled on it before....A. I'm and Architect....B. I adore and am a complete L.A. Noir addict!)

I keep going back over the 9 months of this thread to make sure that i am not posting anything that has been posted before. If i fail in that endeavor, and do post something that has been covered previously, i do apologize......anyway,

no LA Noir forum is complete without a nod to Los Angeles Police Department Noir.

1st up is the man who's number one job was to quash Noir, Police Chief James Edgar "Two Guns" Davis

UCLA library

The most famous crime scene in Los Angeles History. The discovered severed torso of Elizabeth Short the Black Dahlia in
Leimert Park South Los Angeles

Bruce Henstell

OK, maybe this one ties the Black Dahlia for being the most famous murder scene. Benjamin Bugsy Siegel rubbed out in Beverly Hills

Delmar Watson Photography

The usual Suspects. a 1940 LAPD Lineup

USC Digital Archive

1930 LAPD Detective Squad Group group photo

Wesselman Collection/The Williams Partnership

And one more shot of the follies. in 1954 a korean war vet who had developed a crush on chorus girl Loretta Miller, went to the theater in pure desperation after never getting a response to his numerous love letters to her. Put a gun to his head, while clutching her 8 X 10 glossy photo, and put an end to his misery. The police found a note he had scrawled on a nearby wall which read........."Good-bye Angel Face"...........

Delmar Watson Photography

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