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Originally Posted by garfield View Post
I see people are asking about historical buildings. I have a bit of a mystery that I'd like to solve if possible.

Below are a couple of pics of what appears to be a section of rail tracks. This was taken on the west side of the 3rd street tunnel. I thought this was the original location for Angels Flight before it was moved. However, all documentation on it states that it was on the east side of the 3rd street tunnel.

Does anyone know what this is? If not, could you point me in the right direction?

I believe that the structure is part of the electrical substation, and generation plant that was installed as part of the bunker hill CRA development plan. In photo below, which is from 1970. the engineering plant is clearly visble just to the North, (left), of the extended 3rd street tunnel

USC Digital Archive

Here is an amazing 1903 photograph of the western terminus of the third street tunnel taken from the very exact spot that you photographed it from

UCLA Library

Great Googleymoogly
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