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Originally Posted by hipster duck View Post
Greater Toronto and Vancouver alone are 10 million people, or just under 40% of English Canada. Cities like Victoria, Ottawa, the Alberta cities, Halifax, etc. are not as ridiculous in terms of their housing prices, but they aren't "cheap", either. The condo market in those places absorbs a lot of the new home starts/growth.
I don't follow all of the cities but I know a bit about the Halifax market. Median incomes there are about the same as Vancouver but the median house is around $300,000. The proportion of rental construction there is very high (maybe 60%, always over 50% when I've looked), and there are lots of nice rental buildings with features like rooftop swimming pools. There are a lot of people there who rent urban apartments but could buy a suburban tract home (with only a 20-30 minute commute) if they wanted. There's definitely an important difference in development styles and preferences between Halifax and probably any US metro.

It's a lot like how if you make a list of metros with transit use or cycling and pedestrian commuters you get a list that includes cities like Boston and San Francisco mixed in with Victoria and Halifax. You don't see cities like Eugene or Charleston on those lists.
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