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Originally Posted by LakeLocker View Post
This only applies if you pretend places outside of Toronto/Vancouver don't exist. Large metros are typically an exception to the trends found nation wide in either country.
Greater Toronto and Vancouver alone are 10 million people, or just under 40% of English Canada. Cities like Victoria, Ottawa, the Alberta cities, Halifax, etc. are not as ridiculous in terms of their housing prices, but they aren't "cheap", either. The condo market in those places absorbs a lot of the new home starts/growth.

Sure, the average RN in Cornwall can probably afford to buy a detached new-build bungalow, the same as her counterpart in Utica, NY, but this represents a fraction of Canada.

Again this would make sense if you assume that Sunbelt America is similar to midwestern America. Seatle to Vancouver and Chicago to Toronto are better comparisons of what is and isn't American about our culture.

And you'd likely find similar trends existing in the American MidWest. I don't think anyone is arguing that Anglo-Americans are monolithic. Every region has its own unique subculture.
No, the presence of Spanish and Hispanics/Latin Americans is everywhere in the US. On the east coast, more people are of Carribean origins, but there are huge populations in almost all major northern cities. 22.1% of Chicago's MSA is Hispanic - that's 2 million people. Where there isn't a huge Hispanic presence, there is a huge black presence, which is also markedly different from Canada.
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