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At various points in its life, this building at 700 North Main Street has been close to both the iced tea stand on Alameda and the Terminal Annex building on East Cesar E Chavez which have been discussed recently. USC describes it as "Office / retail building just north of Union Station and the Plaza, R.F. Frans, & C.R. Irwin machine shop & electrical contractors". They date it as circa 1920/1930.

USC Digital Library

HDL incorrectly title this picture as "Macy and Alameda Streets". Macy Street, the old name of East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, is where the bus is turning, but it's North Main Street that dominates the picture (Alameda is just out of shot to the left). This picture shows the building above in June 1956 - not long before demolition.

Huntington Digital Library

This picture does show the intersection of Macy and Alameda Streets. The building on the far right is on Ord Street. Next to the utility pole is what looks like another of the railroad signal bases recently identified by Wig-Wag.

Huntington Digital Library

FredH previously posted details of this picture in post #21450. It shows the same view as the picture above, and is described as "A Standard Oil Station replaces a block of slums." Again, the Ord Street buildings can be seen on the right. HDL has a great picture of these buildings here and FredH found a demolition picture in post #21190.

Huntington Digital Library

Today there's still a gas station on the corner, but not much else has been left behind.

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