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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Twentieth Century-Fox

I'm a few minutes into 1956's Bus Stop the other day, with Don Murray and Arthur O'Connell having just
gotten off the bus in Phoenix. Phoenix? The prop signs didn't fool me. I knew I was looking at The Nugent/
New Grand at 3rd and Grand on Bunker Hill.
It isn't every day that my jaw drops, I mean, actually physically drops. Of course now I had to just purchase it on Amazon.

That's 256/259 BH Ave behind, where Indus Arthur lives in Angel's Flight (from which the nosy old lady sees her murder the guy across the street on the bench). The big white building across the way is the Alta Vista, which gsjansen just wrote about as having been featured in M. And I've never seen an image with that particular neon cafe sign over the coffee shop at the Alto...
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