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while on the subject of noir films, particularly those that take place on bunker hill, here's is a 1951 classic that was not only filmed on bunker hill, but actually inside some of the buildings as well.

Source: Wikipedia

this was a remake of Fritz Lang's 1931 movie of the same title starring Peter Lorre as the child killer.

the movie begins at angels flight - (I apologize for the lousy images, but my copy of the dvd is not the best quality)

the 1st victim is a little girl on her way home from school. she and her mother live in the alta vista on bunker hill avenue and third. her mom looking at the clock waiting for her daughter to return from school. (actually filmed in the alta vista)

realizing that her daughter has not come home with the other kids, the mother hysterically starts to search for her. image looking up the stairwell of the alta vista

mom running up the back stairs of the alta vista up to bunker hill avenue

the baloon that the killer bought the daughter floats forlornly above the sunshine, astoria, and hilltop inn indicating that the girl is dead, (very chilling shot)

and our killer actually lives on bunker hill at the foss heindel house - 315 bunker hill

a girl who escapes at the last minute by meeting up with her mother skips up grand towards third past the nugent, (grand). our killer tries to lure her at the corner store, but mom shows up in time

he does succeed in getting a little girl to go with him, but is recognized as the killer and is chased through bunker hill. looking from on top of the 2nd street steps down hope street

running down the 2nd street steps from hope street down to the third street tunnel

running out of the third street tunnel towards hill street.

he is eventually cornered in the bradbury building, where the remainder of the movies takes place.

great catch GW about bus stop! here's one more image from bus stop, showing more of the brousseau house

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