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I consider Ramna to be the most walkable area of Dhaka. This area also has many attractive buildings, old and new.

The Nimtali Gate was built in the 1700s:

A partial side view of the Old High Court Building, which was actually built as the grand residence of the British governor of East Bengal and Assam:

Bangla Academy Building in Ramna (the Academy is the national authority for the Bengali language; it also hold's Dhaka's largest annual book fair):

The tomb and mosque complex of Khwaja Shahbaz dates from the 1600s (the tomb is pictured here):

Although Ramna as it exists today dates from the early 1900s, there are older buildings in this area, as pictured above. In fact Ramna has the oldest fully intact building in Dhaka, a mosque that pre-dates the Mughal period.

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