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NIMBY's are now demanding a "racial impact study." Basically 40% of the affordable units will have 3 or 4 bedrooms, and because the neighborhood has a large Hasidic population, who tend to have larger families, this group is saying this project disproportionately favors the Hasidic community, even though 60% of the affordable units will be smaller units.

Edit : WTF even is a "racial impact study"???

Local government in this city is completely out of their minds.

"...contend the city violated the Fair Housing Act by refusing to incorporate a racial impact study into its rezoning process...

...According to Fennell, the development’s mix of affordable housing options (40 percent of the apartments are going to be 3 or 4 bedroom units, which CUFFH says disproportionately favors the area’s Hasidic Jewish families) and market-rate housing—which will most likely be filled by more affluent, primarily white tenants—will exclude black and Latino families and make Williamsburg even whiter...

...CUFFH and BRASH are asking a judge to throw out the Pfizer site zoning and do it again with a racial impact study included. “The study will determine what the project needs to look like,” according to Fennell.

In response to the suit, a judge has issued a temporary restraining order, which Fennell said halted all construction on the project for the moment..."

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