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Originally Posted by caligrad View Post
Shouldn't have to be held to a high enough standard to get what they are trying to say. Yes the writer and editor are both ridiculous and should take some writing/editing courses but the simple point of the matter is nobody is denying the fact about what this article is about. instead of complaining about " oh wow, the writing is all wrong and information is missing and blah blah blah". get over that. the point is that a Lack of Zoning + Free Market = Houston...easy. not up for debate. its pretty straight forward. and the article pretty much states where they are going with things after the 2nd paragraph.... even though I get what your saying and it does tend to jump from one thing to another thing to another thing but it is what it is.

As I stated before. its known that Houston zoning laws are very relaxed compared to other American cities, hell there was a whole special about it on the history channel. it was dubbed "a blessing for the city but also a nightmare". look it up " how the states were made, Texas". Am I picking on Houston ?? no I live in LA county. a city KNOWN for a lack of urban planning and ridiculous sprawl, it is what it is. Houston is a sun belt city just like LA, phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego. If you google maps an Ariel View of all these cities. They are built the exact identical same. like wagon wheels, the center is the central business district, the spokes/rods are the freeway arteries and the outskirts are the nodal city centers. easy. point blank period. Please people stop whining about it being written poorly. if you need to..... read it again to understand it. if u don't get it the first time, read it again. we were taught that in grade school
People get their panties in a wad whenever Houston is brought up here, brings out the elitists and the folks who enjoy looking down their noses at Texas, surprised the thread hasn't been closed already....

It's a crappy article, but it's pretty clear the theme of the article is the no-zoning and "free-market" aspect of city development.