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Originally Posted by caligrad View Post

This discussion is solely about the fact that Houston has NO zoning code what so ever. there was a special about this on the history channel once before called "how the states were made" and the guy talking about Houston mentioned how it has no zoning laws. MEANING... now I hope your all following me on this one since you seemed to derail this whole discussion. its talking about how residential buildings are popping up in industrial areas, its talking about how an office park is being created 10s of miles away from the Houston city center, its talking about how warehouses are being plopped right in the middle of residential areas. its talking about how THINGS THAT NORMALLY DONT GO RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER IN OTHER CITIES ARE SOMEHOW GOING RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER IN HOUSTON, and THAT is the point of this discussion. Its sad how grown adults, im assuming that most of you are adults, get easily distracted like a cat with a ball of yarn.
I think that an issue here is how the piece was written to make that point. it wasn't done very well, and made assertions that really aren't true.