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Edit; don't worry i'm not trying to hijack and make this a Detroit only thread haha

I've always liked the "optical illusion" you see from malden park in Windsor where this panorama was taken. The Detroit & Windsor skylines look as one when seen from this angle you can also see the midtown Detroit and New Center skylines arrayed northward on Woodward ave. IMO it's the best way to view the urban core of the Detroit Metropolitan area but not a very well known spot for the most part. I can't wait to see to see what this will look like in a year or two with the ground breaking for the citys new tallest (1 month?) away plus the ~500 foot monroe block tower breaking ground after the new year. #cranes_above_Detroit lol credit; jodelli (2012 ssp) -

Things just look better in the summer.

Telescoped CBD with the Penobscot building looking stately.

In case anyone forgot there is a half mile wide + or for our Canadian friends ~1k waterway in there somewhere.

Another view that creates the same illusion is when you look down Ouellette ave. in downtown Windsor

While only the top of the Detroit skyline peaking out over the top of the street level environment, i really love the way the two downtowns are orientated with this view it really does look like the Griswald streetwall and Ouellette ave. are one.

Came across this one of downtown from new center today i was just googling new views from that direction a few days ago so i had to slip it in. It's hard not to want to honestly everytime i see the Book tower power washed it blows me away on the outside at least it's gonna give the Guardian and Fischer buildings a run for their money as the top jewels in Detroits architectural crown.

Since this is the last one i wanted to do a classic downtown Detroit view.
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