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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Fire at the Richfield Building in 1954.

unknown/possibly ebay

To be honest, I wasn't aware there was ever a fire at the Richfield Building.
Does anyone know the details? It looks rather intense.
Is that fire or fog--or perhaps a fire in a nearby building? The lights on the tower are still lit.... Anyway, the only news of fire in the Richfield I found was from December of 1967, not long before the demolition. Apparently, the fire was one more excuse for the dimwits at Arco to decide to tear it down. (You can't help but wonder what the publicity value, at least locally, might have been had they had the brains to save it as a symbol of "black gold.")

In July 1954, there was, apparently, a fire at a Richfield refinery near Wilmington.

PS Naturally, after I wrote all that I see what appears to be flames on the left... so forget the fog....
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