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this 1868 shot looking south from poundcake hill is amazing. a completely barren bunker hill before Beaudry's development is on the right. Third street is the main street off in the distance running from right to left. Broadway is the street in the middle of the photo. Hill Street at the base of Bunker Hill is just a dirt path at best. In later years, this view would be looking right smack at the north elevation of the hall of records. this view today would be looking at the north side of the LA times building complex

The street at the lower left side running left right, (court street?), is clearly at an offset angle to the eventual grid. This is the same angle that the old hall of records building will be built to...................................40 years after this photo was taken!!!!!
This is one of my very favorite views of historical Los Angeles. It truly is an astonishing image.

I think the street at left center is Franklin. Only one city block long, it connected Broadway and Spring Street, and was the southern terminus of New High Street.

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