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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
My next door neighbor was the Head MaƮtre D at the La Cienega location during the late 60's. In fact that location had a strict vehicle policy for employees, the cars had to either be black or of higher quality. We lived on the 1400 block of Spaulding, a middle class neighborhood, and so accordingly Mr. Lewis ordered a 1965 Ford Country Squire, painted black with the wood paneling removed as to not attract attention in the parking lot. He used the car strictly to travel the 3 miles to work and back. He retired in 1972 and the wagon was moved once a week until he was placed in a home in 1992. The wagon now has 30,982 miles on it. I was promised it about 20 years ago...Mrs. Lewis (98)is still alive and has finally decided to let me have it and its going to be a winter project.

Photo by me 1442 Spaulding Demo

Congratulations, unihikid. Seems odd for someone to have ordered a Country Squire only to remove the Di-Noc within the fiberglass frame. Why not just order a black Country Sedan? Anyway, you'll have a good time with this one. First year of a new body, first year of the rear scoops to keep dust off the back window...hard to tell, but it looks like it could have the great 289 V8...or even the 240 Six, which would be a rare bird indeed (352, 390 and up V8s would have, at least originally, an emblem behind the front wheels). You can de-code the data plate here. I have a couple of old Ford wagons...the Squire framing was real wood around Di-Noc through '53 and into very early production '54, fiberglass after that.

Have fun.
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