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Silverwoods Hollywood

ethereal-- As you noted, the shot of the Silverwoods store you found--the one that turned out to be downtown on 7th Street--is misidentified in the USC Digital Archive. The archive places it at 6555 Sunset Boulevard, as it also does the picture of an obviously different Silverwoods below. Well, there was no Silverwoods branch on Sunset at all--but there was one at 6555 Hollywood Boulevard, and the building still stands:

USC Digital Archive

Google Street View

Google Street View

Btw, if you ever see a problem with a USC photo, the fourth icon under the picture ("Send us your question") brings up a box to send a message to the administrators. I hate to say it, but I've seen plenty of misidentifications on the various sites that have historic shots of L.A. Sometimes I send in a correction in spite of feeling a bit like a nerd (and not wanting to make the compilers feels unappreciated for all the incredible resources they give us), but it turns out that it is appreciated, at least for the concern for accuracy.

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