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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here are a couple photos of the Bullocks Wilshire mural.
The great Bullocks-Wilshire ceiling mural is by Herman Sachs and is called The Spirit of Transportation. Sachs included all spirits of transportation in his porte-cochere painting...except the car! Apparently he also contributed to the interiors of Union Station, City Hall, the Gas Company building, and the Title Insurance Building. His friend Rudolph Schindler designed the Manola Court Apartments for him (1811 Edgecliffe Drive in Silver Lake):


Excellent interiors shots of Bullocks-Wilshire are here:

P.S. In his mural Sachs depicts a Maddux Air Lines Ford Trimotor. Maddux flew around the southwest in the late '20s before becoming part of what was eventually to be TWA.

Los Angeles Times, August 26, 1929 (via Wikipedia)
"Mines Field" is now LAX.
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