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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post

Oh man, such a beautiful Art Deco treasure, and it's been replaced by that ugly building (I'd like to think that it was demolished rather than horribly disfigured). I know exactly where that is, I've walked by it lots and lots of times. And yes, the Union Oil Bldg. would look much better if they got rid of those awful 1970s-looking greenhouse windows and restored it to its original look-- though, for a building of its period, it wasn't as deliciously detailed as others were.

Welcome to the forum, MikeD!
Thanks for the welcome,sopas ej. I also like those old style buildings rather than the new monoliths that seem to be sprouting up in their place.

Here are some pictures of the old Bullock's Department store on Wilshire. It is now occupied by the Southwestern Law School. We were saddened to see in the window there was a permit or variance for renovations. Hope they don't alter the outside. My brother thinks James Cagney picks up Jean Harlow outside Bullocks in 'Public Enemy' 1931.

Would it be considered Art Deco? I'm never sure about that stuff.

Here's some detail over the front door
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