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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
^^^In the b/w photo I posted above, noticed the Silverwoods Dept. Store.

Just today I came across this photo of a Silverwoods Store on Sunset Blvd.
It shared the building with Stetson, Hats for Women.

usc digital archive

This diminutive art deco building is absolutely beautiful.
I don't remember ever seeing a photograph of it before.

Google Street View

ethereal-- That is a beautiful little building, though it was actually at 611/615 W. 7th St (the little branch Silverwoods was at 615, Stetson at 611). I suppose it's possible that it's the same building, badly remodeled with some height added, but, in any case, it looks lost forever. The building to the left, 617 W. 7th St., is the 1922 Union Oil Building. The entrance has been remodeled away from its original classic style, and the windows have also been badly altered. Here is a vintage shot of the Union Oil Building showing Silverwoods:

USC Digital Library
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