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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post

In Gernot Kuehn's book, Views of Los Angeles, he makes the same observation that you have.

I did some searches, but have found no discussions as of yet indicating whether the sandstone wall is made from the original court house perimeter retaining wall stones, or if it is made of new stones paying homage to the sites history

Wow, fascinating! It was during my last day in L.A. in late June that I was taking the 728 bus to Union Station and it stopped for a red light at Temple and Spring. I had a few seconds to look at the otherwise unremarkable building standing where the old Court House was, when I spied the wall in front there and immediately went, "Hmmm!" The chiseled relief on the stones looked very familiar. So, that set me to wonderin' if maybe, just maybe...

Thanks GSJ! I guess there's no way of knowing for sure (other than finding an historical account affirming the fact), but I'd be willing to bet that those stones are from the original wall. That's a great pic of the old County House, too. Haven't seen that particular one before.

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