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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
hey GW!

this is an image looking south on western across the intersection of western and washington....................

ain't that clump of trees dead ahead going off to the right Berkeley Square?

gs-- Berkeley Square is somewhere in this shot, but way way in the distance. This is indeed a picture looking south on Western toward the L.A. plain, but I'd say farther north than Washington, rather at the intersection of Sunset in Hollywood. The lettering on the fence at lower left isn't all that clear, but it looks like it says "William Fox Studios" (note also the water tower across the avenue), which were at Western and Sunset in the early '20s. The Hollywood Freeway now cuts diagonally across this scene toward the upper right. I don't know how USC captioned this pic-- but I have to say that I've found all kinds of mistakes in their captions (not just USC, but LAPL and the Cal State Library, all of them). I hate to complain to them, because I know how much work goes into these digital libraries, and I'm just an amateur. Sometimes if I've noticed something off I've sent emails suggesting that the monitors check their information--usually I've gotten note of thanks, so I think they do appreciate the input. I wonder what that house in the grove of trees is at bottom....
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