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Bradbury Building, Broadway & 3rd

John Coulthart

Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post

The Bradbury Building?
That's right, sopas--I'd never seen a shot straight up toward
the ceiling before. At first glance this picture looked to me
sort of like a cell block in a futuristic prison or a set from
an old science-fiction movie.

The Bradbury Building was the first thing I wanted to see
on my first trip to L.A. ca. 1970--in those days you could
just wander right in, which I did, walking all over the
building, going up and down in the elevators, practically in
a trance.



Soon after its 1893 completion--no hint as to what's inside


During a fire, May 3, 1947/California State Library
Taken from Spring and 3rd toward Broadway
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