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Fort Moore Hill and the Broadway tunnel

Sopas EJ, your fabulous then and now series looking south from the intersection of Broadway and Sunset, as well as all the postings i had missed earlier on the Los Angeles School building, got me interested in the leveling of fort moore hill and the demolition of the broadway tunnel fro the construction of the 101 freeway

all images are LAPL (except where noted)

this 1871 view is on top of fort moore hill. the tunnel would be excavated directly below where this photo was taken. This view is of Sonora Town looking north up broadway past sunset

This 1881 view is on top of Fort Hill looking south down broadway past temple. Note the Los Angeles School building on the left prior to it's relocation to the top of fort moore hill

USC Digital Archives

This 1902 image is looking north west from the old courthouse building at the los angeles high school building on fort hill. The tunnel has either opened os is close to opening

1903 view of fort Moore hill and the broadway tunnel

This image looking east at the south portal shows the stair system to provide access to the top of the hill

This 1925 view is looking south from on top of the tunnel past the hall of justice building

USC Digital Archive

1940 view looking north at the south portal from temple Note the historic examiner sign

This 1948 north looking view of the south portal is taken in the waning days of the hill and tunnel's existence

The last train exiting the north portal. The leveling and grading operations on the left side of the photo, (where justica street used to be), is providing a new level area to re-rout the trains around the tunnel demolition

In this 1949 photo, the hill leveling operations are in full swing. The south portal of the tunnel has been barricaded

1949 looking north west at the south portal

1949 looking north east at the south portal. note the re-routed rail lines to the east of the tunnel

Rerouted yellow car around the tunnel and hill demolition operation

1951 view looking north up broadway where the tunnel used to be. The remainder of Fort Moore hill will be leveld in the next 3 years

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