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Originally Posted by Chicago3rd View Post
I remember visiting LA as a kid in the 60's and I remember pink skies and burning eyes. And going into la one would often see the pollution above LA way before you would get there....same thing for the Bay Area driving in from Sacramento. It was bad back then.
I wonder if people still burned their trash in the 1960s; to think that used to be a common practice. When I was a small kid in the mid-1970s, my family lived in a house in the Miracle Mile that was built in the 1920s. In the backyard was an incinerator, but of course we weren't allowed to use it; by the 1970s, burning trash had already been banned. Of course some people converted their incinerators into barbecues. But even into 1980, I remember some days during school when we couldn't go outside during recess or lunch because the air quality was very unhealthful, so we had to spend lunch inside the cafeteria and we couldn't play outside.
"If the climate were a bank, the U.S. would have already saved it."

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