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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

L. A. Times

The DWP building is great when lit up at night...
that is, if they still light the whole thing up these days.

I guess it's not Bunker Hill... but by now, these
buildings are practically Old Los Angeles...Chief
Parker was still in power...
It still is lit up at night, as well as the fountains. But there was a period a few years ago when they had drained the moat around the building to refurbish it. Now it looks pretty brand new. And of course it's now officially called the John Ferraro Building or something.

Back in 1967 it was featured in a Nancy Sinatra music video (if it can be called that) for her cover of "This Town." In it you can also see the now gone Richfield Building in the background, and the Union Bank Building as well, which was brand new then. It also shows her at LACMA when it was only a few years old and had the moat with fountains. Notice the landscaping around the DWP building back then with the birds of paradise (LA's official flower). It's all different now, probably more drought-tolerant.

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