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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
The following two I haven't posted before.

Plan for a civic auditorium 1953.

usc digital archive

Below: Plan for a civic auditorium 1954.

usc digital archive

There are more cool proposals/plans here, starting at post #344. (if you missed them the first time around)
here's a 1950 presentation for a great new better tomorrow bunker hill, featuring the new auditorium for 4th street


It appears that clay street remains, olive street becomes the main North/South artery, hope street becomes some kind of vista permiter road which links up with 2nd, (nice trick, how did they plan on dealing with the tunnel......or is there no hill left in this plan to require a tunnel ) and grand street disappears entirely......very strange indeed. i hope the CRA bought enough Kool-Ade for everyone, or at least whatever she appears to have had!
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