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Glad the suit didn't go through. BS, to have to conduct racial studies for rezoning. Oh brother. On step closer to this happening and less bs on the approval side of things.

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Suit against Rabsky’s Broadway Triangle project dismissed again

An appellate court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit that accused Rabsky Group’s Broadway Triangle project of discriminating against people of color.

Churches United for Fair Housing in 2018 asked the court to nullify the rezoning of the former Pfizer site in Brooklyn where Rabsky is building its project. The suit also sought to implement a requirement that the city conduct racial impact studies whenever it rezones a property: Churches United argued that the project’s market-rate units would mostly go to “wealthy whites,” the affordable units would mostly go to Hasidic tenants, and minority tenants in the surrounding areas would get priced out by rising rents.

Judge Arthur Engoron dismissed this lawsuit in the summer of 2018, and New York’s appellate division upheld his decision in a ruling handed down in late February.
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