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Originally Posted by MorganChi View Post
Wow. That was a pretty glowing review from Blair. Pretty rare for him.

"what has transpired so far at 433 W. Van Buren St. is a near-miracle"

"The entrance serves as a warm-up for the ballgown-beautiful grandeur of the main lobby, a dazzling, soaring space outfitted with restored geometric lanterns, walls of fluted marble and gold mosaic tile, as well as decorative panels that illustrate the march of transportation advances (from pony express to airplane) that sped delivery of the mail. The lobby, which is open to the public, communicates a faith in government that seems lost today. Gensler and the Evanston firm of McGuire, Igleski & Associates handled this portion of the restoration with skill and sensitivity"

"What’s already compelling is the revival of this building, which, as recently as a few years ago, was considered an irredeemable white elephant. Now that the project has reached the milestone of taking in its first tenants, it seems as meaningful to Chicago as the transformation of industrial-era transportation infrastructure like elevated freight lines, docks and railroads into the green spaces of The 606, the downtown riverwalk and Millennium Park. "
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