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When puritanism and prurient interest collide..

Originally Posted by Johnny Socko View Post
A check-up revealed 362 men had been arrested in addition to the four women. The latter described themselves as: Ruth Williams, 21 years of age, of 1347 North Serrano street; Isabelle Clemons, 20, of 420 Fetterly street; Doloros Moreno, 19, transient, and Ruth Scott, 22, of 1215 West Tenth street. They pleaded not guilty before Municipal Judge Eagen to the charge of being dissolute persons. Bail was fixed at $150 each pending trial on the 19th inst.
Six of the men taken into custody were booked as promoters of the show. They gave their names as Glen B. Mates and George N. Hammond of Glendale; Harry Gaston of Long Beach, Otto Good of Ocean Park, and Lloyd Baxter and Ray J. Faeth of Los Angeles.
Pfft. The "girls'" full street addresses (and ages) are reported, but not the men's? Guess they wanted to make sure they were good and "ruined".


A fave pic of you Mayor Shaw. Mayor and Mrs Shaw pack Christmas hampers for Los Angeles' poor, 1934.


Mrs Shaw looks such a shrew, one almost feels sorry for the mayor. What is he doing to that dead bird?

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